Why you need a professionally built website


Professionally built website, and why your business really needs one.

I get a lot of work from people that have had websites previously built on the cheap, they had an uncle do it, a sister, a mates mate, a friend, a cousin, brother from another mother, the list goes on. Or worse, they did it themselves on WIX or similar free website builder that usually never ranks well. If you can find a WIX website by Googling the keywords of the website built on WIX please let me know. The truth of the matter is that more than 9 times out of 10 these websites are poorly designed, poorly coded and in turn rank poorly and do nothing but harm your business. If you want to have your business succeed and rank well with the search engines, you simply must have a professionally built website. It is afterall a reflection on your business. If you have a website that looks like it was put together by an amature, it’s a strong chance that no-one is going to take you serious.

I find that nearly everyone is a self proclaimed web designer these days, and it makes me laugh, for the fact is most have no clue. It’s one thing to make a website look good, but that is not what Google looks at when it comes and crawls your website and that’s if they even come and index your website. The bots are looking at the source code, they are looking for clean code, your META data, sitemaps, the scripts, the structure, the load time, inline CSS, keyword density, iframes, embedded flash, responsiveness and a ton of other things. Most amature web designers overlook most of these important issues and by putting your business in the hands of such a web designer you are basically throwing mud on your own face and showing your potential clients and customers that you are not a professional.

A professionally built website addresses all these topics and it is as good looking on the outside as it is on the inside. They are lightweight, display on all devices, easily navigated and basically tick the majority of Google’s checklist and therefore rank well. So before you go ahead and get the $200 website from Joe Blow or get a free website from WIX or other free website builders, think about this. What is your business worth to you?  A professionally built website is an investment. It shows your potential clients or customers that you mean business. You take pride in your business and therefore will most likely take pride in the services you provide them.

But don’t be scared off by thinking that a professionally built website is going to cost you an arm and a leg. This is not always the case. Sure there are a lot of web design businesses out there that charge mega bucks for such a service. These type of web design studios usually prey on customers that lack the knowledge of what really goes into their website. I recently picked up a website for a local Gold Coast business that had quotes 3 times of what I quoted. This is a perfect example why it pays to shop around.

So before you accept the first quote or decide to get an amature to build your businesses website, get a quote from us. Have a look at our portfolio, ring up a random client and ask about us. Even checkout where our clients rank. We provide a professional service at a fraction of the price of our competitors and believe that all our clients online appearance is a direct reflection on our business. Contact us today for a free quote.

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