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Are you looking for professional website design on the Gold Coast? Well if you are, look no further. I have been building websites since 2002 and have been working with WordPress for over 12 years now. Every website that is developed in my studio is now based on WordPress. It simply is an amazing platform to work with. Versatile, powerful, easy to use, countless themes and plugins, it is easy to understand why over 30% of all websites on the internet today are based on WordPress.

Whether you require a business website, an eCommerce website, a personal website or a basic blog. The possibilities of WordPress are almost endless and these days I won’t work with anything else.

Gone are the days when I used code in HTML, design my websites in Photoshop, slice up my designs and then build the website from scratch. It was such a painful process and would take me days to make a basic website. Then when mobiles became popular I had to write CSS so that the website would display properly on mobile. Then the nightmare of different browsers and CSS having to be written to be supported by all browsers. Many web designers and web developers were transitioning to WordPress because of all the work required to code HTML websites and I eventually bit the bullet and transitioned myself.

It was simply a no-brainer for me. No longer did I have to write specific php functions so that a client could upload images, create galleries, change text, add a new page, add a new form, create a blog and so on. Nearly all these functions were available in a bare bones installation of WordPress. I now simply install WordPress, install and activate a premium theme (many come prepackaged with premium plugins) and the functionality of WordPress explodes. Most drag and drop editors that come with premium themes include cool tools such as social media sharing, Google maps, forms, galleries, video embedding, animations, charts, sliders and so on. If there is something missing that the client requires I can usually just install another plugin.

However there is always the chance that a plugin for a required website function is not available, in cases like this a custom made plugin will be required. I recently completed a website for a local Gold Coast telecommunications business “Localcom” that wanted customers to be able to choose from different NBN options and have the plan calculated on the fly. The customer would click a “Get Started” button and all the info would be emailed to the businesses administrator. Check out the custom plugin in action here.

If you require a new website for your business, and are searching for Website Design Gold Coast, get in contact today. We design clean, easily navigated, fast loading websites that rank well on Google. All our websites are responsive so they display perfectly on all devices, mobile, desktop and tablets.

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