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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is when a website is designed and developed to adapt its layout to different screen sizes. One website that looks great on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Many years ago websites were only designed for computer screens, they were fixed in width and height and the layout wasn’t flexible. But then smartphones came along and people were browsing websites on their phones. This was a painful experience, you had to pinch and zoom to read, scroll horizontally to view the entire website, navigation was a nightmare and filling in forms was annoying to say the least. Over all, the user experience was far from enjoyable. Web designers needed to design websites that displayed well on both computers and smartphones.

At the early stages of the transition to smart phones, web designers would sometimes create a completely different website for smartphones. Code in the header of the website would detect the screen size and then if the website was accessed on a smartphone, a redirect would send the user to the mobile website. This in turn created a lot of work and was far from the ideal solution. Responsive web design was the best solution. Web Developers started to stop using fixed width HTML tables and started to use DIV elements instead. This allowed much more flexibility and when combined with CSS rules, websites could start adapting to the different screens they were being viewed on. This is what is now referred to as responsive web design.

These days smartphone website browsing  accounts for nearly 70% of all website visits, with computers only accounting for around 30% (source: Perficient). This number is staggering and reveals the importance of having a business website that is responsive and displays perfectly on all devices. We specialise in mobile friendly, responsive websites and when you get a website from us, you can rest assured that the user accessing your website will have an enjoyable experience, no matter what device they are using.

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